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Should You Show Your Roofing Professional an Insurance Estimate?

Is your roof in need of repair or replacement? You’ll want to consult with your insurance agent to see if your policy covers this expense. From there, it’s time to call a reputable roofing professional.

Many people wonder if they should show an insurance adjuster’s estimate to the roofer. This is an important question that you need to explore. Keep reading to find the answer so that you make the right decision.

Reasons to Get a Professional Roofing Inspection

Most homeowners focus on maintenance and repair of the issues that they see. However, since the roof isn’t totally visible, it can be easy to miss some serious issues.

Roofs in Southwestern Pennsylvania experience regular wear and tear from snow, hail, rain, and humidity. Thus, it’s key to get routine inspections from a professional roofer who will look at the entire roof. This will ensure that the roof doesn’t have issues that may lead to a serious problem later. That way, you can avoid some extensive repairs or early replacement.

A professional roofing inspection includes looking for both the obvious and more difficult to detect problems. These include:

  • Condition of shingles, flashing, mortar, walls, chimneys, and other components
  • Moisture build-up
  • Air leaks or drafts
  • Sun exposure
  • Structural stability

The insurance estimate can give you an idea of what is needed for repairs or replacement according to your insurance company. However, a professional roofer will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of the work. This gives you an idea if your insurance claim will cover all of the costs or if there is additional expense involved that may need to come out of pocket.

Check Your Insurance Policy

If your roof needs to be replaced, start with checking your insurance policy. Many policies base their payouts on the rationale for getting a new roof.

For example, did something fall on your roof, such as a tree? Did bad weather cause the damage? If you buy a policy, it must clearly state that it covers the incident in question.

To best ensure that your roof is covered, there are a few things that you need to understand about insurance policies:

  • Talk to an insurance agent and identify the components of your roof that are covered. Get a list of coverage options so that you have a better idea what your coverage includes.
  • The policy should include details about any exclusions or exemptions. In other words, make sure you aren’t going to be responsible for a huge expense because your policy clearly excludes it.
  • Know your policy limits and what is included in the adjuster’s estimate. Make sure to have a copy of your policy in hand when consulting with your insurance agent about the payouts involved.


Insurance policies are filled with confusing provisions and exclusions when it comes to covering roof inspections, repairs, or replacement. While some circumstances may be straightforward in terms of whether you’re covered, others might not be so clear. That’s why consulting with your insurance professional can help you decipher your policy and understand what it covers.


Are you unsure if it’s wise to show the insurance estimate for replacing your roof professional? Honest roofers may wish to check the insurance adjuster’s technical part of the report. This shows them what the adjuster identified as problems that need to be fixed.

Yet, some unethical roofers might use this information to charge more. This isn’t legal advice, but it’s illegal to show insurance estimates to roofing contractors in some states.

Always read your policy and ask your insurance agent if you have any questions. They are best suited to tell you what’s okay within the terms of your insurance policy.

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