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We provide roofing services with the best craftsmanship and materials to customers in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Professional Uniontown Roofing Services You Can Trust

The southwestern part of Pennsylvania experiences a lot of rain, snow, and humidity. With this type of weather, it’s no surprise your roof may get damaged or wear out over time.


A long-lasting roof starts with great construction and is maintained with routine inspections. This is why we offer top-notch roofing services to residents of Uniontown and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. Our company has extensive experience working with different types of roofs, including slate, shingles, tiles, and metal, so you can rest assured we’ll handle all of your roofing issues.

minor roof damage

Strong winds and heavy rainfall can cause severe roof damage to your building. It’s important to contact a roofing contractor immediately after identifying any possible damage to your roof. If you don’t address the issue early, it can develop into a costly nightmare.


Our roofing company offers fast responses to any roof repair requests in Uniontown and all of southwestern Pennsylvania. Our roof repairs last, so you’ll be saving cash in the long run.

Most times, you may overlook roof damage from the ground level. This is why you should call for a roof inspection to know when to schedule for roof repairs or replacement.


Our local roofing company does some of the most comprehensive roof inspections in the industry. We cover all of the major and minor areas where problems occur including the roof surface, vents, skylights, gutters, attic, and chimneys.

remodeling and roofing company

Whether you own a single family home, large apartment complex, or commercial building, we’re your go-to roof replacement company. There’s no roofing project too large or complicated for our professional roofing team. From simple flat roofs to more detailed roof architectures, we do it all.

Signs You Need Our Roofing Services

Roof damage can be challenging to identify, especially if the damage is minimal. If you can notice the signs early, you can save money and time with quick and professional roof repair.

Here’s what you should look out for!


Missing or Damaged Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a metal barrier for transitions from shingles to chimneys, dormers, sidewalls, pitch breaks, and other structures. If it bends, dislodges, or breaks, it can allow water to seep through your roof and cause damage.


Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

During a heavy downpour, you should inspect your downspouts. If little to no water is draining, your gutter downspout is clogged. A clogged downspout can cause significant damage to your gutters due to the excess weight and improper drainage. We can inspect and fix your gutters to prevent damage from ever occurring.


Aged Roofing

Age is the most common cause of disrepair on your roof. You should expect your roof to last 20-30 years if it was properly installed and maintained.

You'll need to call a professional if your roof is showing signs of extreme wear and tear from aging. Our expert roofers will be able to tell you if you can salvage it with timely repairs or if a replacement is absolutely necessary.

AR Roofing & Remodeling:
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24/7 Roofing Repairs

We understand that roof damage can happen at any time. This is why our emergency roofing services are available immediately to assist with any of your roofing emergencies – day, night, weekends, and holidays.

Owens Corning
Preferred Contractor

Being an Owens Corning preferred roofing contractor means we have met and exceeded the materials manufacturer’s guidelines and standards. We stand behind their products and they stand behind us. 

Home Depot Pro Installer

We’re also a certified Home Depot Installer, meaning we’re highly skilled and knowledgeable roof experts you can trust. We have to pass a series of background checks, so you can be sure you’re working with trustworthy professionals.

Lowe's Pro Installer

We are trusted by the major corporations to handle roofing installations for their customers. With rigorous background checks and insurance requirements, they trust us, and so can you!

Eagle View Measurements

We understand that quality roofing services rely on accurate measurements. This is why we get precise measurements of your roof before we get started.


AR Roofing & Remodeling is a veteran-owned roofing company serving the needs of residents in Uniontown and all of the neighborhoods in Southwestern, PA. Since 2017, we’ve built a reputation for honesty and quality work in the roofing industry.

Roofing Financing Available

Don’t put off work on your roof just because you’re short on cash. We offer several financing options for roof upgrades and  maintenance.

Established Employees

AR Roofing & Remodeling doesn’t look for temp agency laborers or subcontractors. Our employees who know how to do the job right the first time. You’ll also have a single point of contact for streamlined communication throughout your roofing project.

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